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Everyone Needs

Portraits from Ukraine and Moldova

Over a decade ago I took two sets of portraits that remain close to my heart.


The people I met were tough, kind, and wore honesty on their faces with humility and grace.  But what took me most by surprise was their deeply expressive compulsion to sing… alone or in groups words and tunes simply tumbled out.


It was beautiful, It was entrancing.


The portraits were taken in Ukraine and Moldova


I have revisited these photographs to remind myself that although the world is feeling the fall out of this war… its been over six months; it is particualrly  the Ukrainians in these ‘memories’ that have seen their lives change in brutal, and catastrophic ways.


Time twists.


Perspectives change.


The sharp end of the knife


And yet they continue to sing. 


The individuals I met are never far from my thoughts and I wanted to share with you a small window into their lives

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