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Whilst Echoes from the Arboretum is made up largely from photographs taken in and around Somerset, the series as a whole includes pictures of trees from further a field including Sweden, Germany and other parts of the UK. Each image is intended to have the romantic feel of hand coloured Victorian postcards dating back to the origins of photography.

They nod towards Lewis Carol's Alice in Wonderland and are intended as 'poetic' studies that call out to the viewer, (hence the title) at a time when humanity needs to rediscover its' symbiosis with nature and seek to protect the forests, jungles and woodlands that are the lungs of the earth.

Cawston himself was inspired by the words in writer Charles de Lint's book, Dreams Underfoot.

'I wanted others to believe. I thought if enough of us did, if we learned to care again about the wild places from which we'd driven the magic away, then maybe it would return.'

It is a very personal project that emanates more fom Cawston's heart than head and one which he will continue to work on over the coming years....he intends on criss-crossing the UK on a photographic tour to highlight the threat of climate change and the work of environmentalists  across the country who are seeking to minimise it.

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