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The Divine Comedy

Created on what can only be desribed as an auspicious day..the burial of a monarch. The piece was inspired bt a dream of a huge cathedral like labyrinth. Repesenting a spiritual jourmey or a maze ffrom which there is no escape.

The Queen is moving to her final resting place whilst around us the earth sheds tears of carbon poison


Barry Cawston is the recipient of numerous awards, including the President’s Award at the Royal West of England (RWA) Open Photography Exhibition. Cawston's work demonstrates that, in the hands of an artist of talent, photography can be a powerfully expressive medium which is able to create art of great beauty and transmutes the ordinary into the unexpected. Cawston’s images, whether landscape or cityscape, interior or figurative, display a fascination with shape, pattern, colour and texture and, coupled with metaphor and association, the poetry which these qualities can often suggest. Taken as a whole, his work seems to express an almost visceral response to the visual world.


 Hugh Mooney ART Magazine

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