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Following on from his project on Dismaland, Cawston visited Bethlehem  in Palestine  where Banksy  helped to set up The Walled Off Hotel The rooms overlook the Israeli separation wall, which Banksy describes as being "the worst view in the world."

Again the series sought to juxtapose  Banksy's work and the hotel, with the wider area around it.

The Walled Off Hotel Website

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These pieces meander between science and abstraction, and are intended to be visual rpresentations of dreams, string theory and time.

Are We There Yet?

A Day Trip to Banksy's Dismaland &


A Dismal Welcome

Barry Cawston visited the Dismaland site more than fifteen times from its launch on 20 August through to its grand finale on 27 Sept 2015. Each time he went there, he also went into Weston town centre to photograph the local people, tourists and situations he encountered. The resulting body of work is a snapshot of the British public at large, and their interaction with art that was, paradoxically, a satire on their own reality.

Like many Bristol kids, Banksy used to holiday in Weston and play at the Tropicana leisure centre, where he was to install his vast 'Bemusement Park' some thirty years on. So while the title for this project 'Are We There Yet?' nods to Banksy's Weston links old and new, it shakes its head in disbelief at the state of contemporary British society, represented by the visual similes which Cawston constructs between downtown Weston and the scathing sideshows of Dismaland.

The resulting series was published as a book 'Are We There Yet?' and was featured for 18 months on Banksy's website and is now a touring museum and art gallery exhibition after being on display in Volklinger Ironworks in Germany for eight months where 250,000 people saw it.

Dismaland Website

Volklinger Hutte Website


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In 2014 Cawston was asked to go and photograph Xixuau a community and environmental project in Brazil for the Amazon Charitable Trust some of the pictures are in this series as well others he took on his trip. These include photographs of The Festival of Resistence in Salvador which he went along too, having met and spent time with a Hip Hop Band called Os Três Negros. The images from the two places give a hint at the diversity of Brazilian culture


Cawston was always fascinated by the darkroom and spent much of his early career making black and white prints for exhibition in various Heath Robinson inspired darkrooms. He has recently made a new space in a hidden room in the Drugstore where he can listen to vinyl and re-engage with the craft side of photography that he loves.

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These photographs are actually derived from Cawston's old albums. The original images which were left in a damp attic, have morphed into new strange but beautiful abstract 'portraits.'

In 2020 the series will be exhibited as large scale prints

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During three trips, two to Moldova for the charity Everychild and one to Ukraine for WJR Cawston concentrated on photographing the people he met to highlight their vulnerability in countries gripped by social and econmic problems and to tell their stories.