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This is a selection of images from a project that juxtaposed Banksy's Dismaland theme park with the reality of Weston-super-Mare, blurring the line between the two.

Danger Mouse-187.jpg

A selection of landscapes from several personal [projects... with images from the UK, South Africa, The YSA and the Far East

Autumn Hues (Echoes) 72dpi.jpg

Photographs taken during six trips to Russia before the invasion.of Ukraine that culmiInated in a hard back book and an exhibition at the Russian Museum in St Petersburg. The series offers a window into a country just before its change in destiny..

We Come In Peace 72dpi.jpg

Photographs of spaces and places easily missed. that exist on the margins but that have a beauty of their own.

Tungsten Tuesday's

A fictional tale born out of lockdown that follows the stay of Spitfire Pilot Oscar Waits as he recuperates in the Drugstore at the end of WWII...

Portrait of Oscar Waites.jpg

Nostalgic still life images of correspondences and heirlooms found in The Drugstore.

x Envelope IX-48.jpg

Portraits collected together from several different series including, Dismaland, Looking East and Russia: Far From Black and White

Tibetan Cowboy 40cm.jpg
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